Photo of 975983 at Wolverton Works

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  • 975983 - Stress Measurement Test coach

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  • Wolverton Works
  • 30 June 1984
  • © Carl Watson


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  • Ben Williams

    9 December 2007, 21:18:38

    Certainly looks like its undergone some stress (!) but can anyone elaborate please?

  • ian saunders

    10 December 2007, 01:57:05

    judging from the scuff marks and the fact that it is recorded as a stress measuring coach it would appear that this vehicle has spent some time on its side, probably to test the ridgidity of the design. It may also have been used for training purposes

  • barry brainfunk

    10 December 2007, 08:09:39

    i think they filled it with yuppies and told them something stressful

  • Andrew Humphries

    10 December 2007, 12:50:43

    I believe that this was one of the coaches damaged in the crash at bushey - 1980

  • Bill McTavish

    10 December 2007, 21:28:29

    Hmm a lot of speculation - anyone got any facts?! I think I could have probably guessed it had been on its side!

  • Andrew Humphries

    11 December 2007, 13:24:17

    Just to update. 12162 ( 975983 ) was involved in the derailment at Bushey, it was the 4th vehicle in the train (20.25 Euston to Manchester Piccadilly on the 16th February 1980).

    It was 1 of 3 coaches that over turned in the accident. the sheeted over area on the side is where it landed on a detached bogie.

    It shows the strength of the MK3 Coach, the train was going at 100mph when it derailed. Taking out 4 sets of overhead gantries as the train progressed.

    Of the estimated 150 passengers on the train 48 were injured none killed.

    If you want more information on the accident the link below is to the official report.


    The three overturned coaches were taken to Wolverton for tests to measure impact and damage sustained in the accident, after assessment I believe that none re-entered traffic.

  • Ben Williams

    11 December 2007, 17:57:54

    Interesting Andrew, thanks. So presumably it received its departmental number while in its post-crash state to reflect its role as an assessment vehicle. Seems a bit odd to bother renumbering a coach that is essentially going for scrap (it would never happen these days!) but there it is. Another departmental story uncovered!

  • Simon Bendall

    11 December 2007, 20:00:52

    12162 was originally taken into departmental stock for fire testing, as part of a series of tests on condemned rolling stock following the 1978 sleeper fire which killed 11 people. With Mk.3s the then current coaches, it was obviously useful to retain it for this, even if written off.

    The stress tests came much later, following transfer to the Research department (it was originally M&EE operated, ADB prefix). If I recall correctly, it was cut into sections for this and then placed under load.

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