Photo of 97653 at Radyr

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  • 97653 - Ruston shunter CE Locomotive

Photo details

  • Radyr
  • December 1985
  • © Kevin Dancer


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  • dan adkins

    8 June 2007, 21:26:33

    where is this now?

  • Jon Horswell

    8 June 2007, 23:18:04

    Privately owned at Long Marston but in a very sorry state. As far as i am aware it is just an underframe with little else. Unless of course anyone can confirm otherwise.

  • Martin Barnsdall

    9 June 2007, 18:15:08

    Been to Long Marston today, espied what remains from the DMU shuttle, and I can confirm that the underframe is on a warflat or similar. I cannot confirm sightings of any of the other bits, but its a big site with lots of sheds.

  • Ben Williams

    4 August 2011, 08:00:58

    Remains recently sent for scrap to Hirst at Andover

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