Photo of 97703 at Hornsey T&RSMD

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  • Hornsey T&RSMD
  • 29 June 1985
  • © Arrome


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  • Matt Black

    29 May 2011, 11:35:51


    Apparently this vehicle wasn't scrapped until 1995, yet this one is shown with the same number in 1990:


    The same seems to apply to others around the same number range.

    What's the story here?

    Cheers, Matt

  • Ben Williams

    31 May 2011, 15:52:57

    97701, 97702 & 97703 on the OTP website are locos converted from ballast cleaners.

    The 977xx series in the photo here are battery locos.

    So basically different vehicles with the same numbers - slightly confusing but very different!

  • Robin Morel

    4 June 2011, 09:21:44

    A right ' can of worms ' here with the numbering of these Battery Electric units -

    97 701 and 97 702 converted at Wolverton in 1974 and ran as DB975178 and DB975179 but also managed to be incorrectly numbered 977363 and 977362 (these numbers already used for ex 4-sub de icing trailers on the Southern Region)


    Doncaster then converted 97 707 and 97 708 in 1975 running as LDB975407 and LDB975408 these numbers then used in 1985 for class 40 012 and 40 118!


    Doncaster then converted 97 709 and 97 710 in 1975 running as LDB 975409 AND LDB975410 these numbers then used in 1985 for'peak' 45 022 and in 1987 for 45 029.


    Doncaster then converted 97 703/704/705 and 706 in 1980 with no further number change.


    Originally BR Eastleigh (1957)class 501 vehicles with four GEC 185hp traction motors they could work off the juice or use a battery system (320v) which enabled use at 25 mph, working in the tunnel sections between Drayton Park and Moorgate (working from Hornsey), Kentish Town-Farringdon-Moorgate (working from Cricklewood) and the Mersey Rail network (based at Birkenhead). 97 707 & 708 had nse repaint, I also recorded these two allocated at Glasgow Shields depot if anyone can confirm this, mainly employed on tunnel maintenance (no fumes/ except hydrogen/, flat roofs ample lighting) they all seem to be largely un recorded and nocturnal creatures. Converted to be air braked they could also in theory pull a trailing load.

  • Matt Black

    9 June 2011, 06:34:11

    Thanks for the responses chaps...

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