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977089 - Laboratory 21

Photo of 977089 at Crewe

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  • Crewe
  • 21 June 1984
  • © POG


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  • Tom Walker

    10 February 2004, 20:00:14

    this is a converted MK3 carrage which, assuming the livery is that of Inter city, probably spent some time in passenger service, perhaps as a buffet car.

  • DK

    12 February 2004, 23:38:56

    This vehicle was used as a testbed to trial the then new Intercity executive livery and was then repainted into the RTC 'raspberry ripple' colours once the trial was complete.

  • keith falconer

    28 April 2007, 21:22:07

    prototype HST TRUK 40500 - kitchen only, no buffet and 24 unclassed seats

    this provided the meal service, the TRSB provided the buffet services

    similar vehicles used on ECML production sets, but fell out of use due to dropping demand for full meals - hence many production TRUKs have been converted to LH stock, departmentals and (i think) royals

  • Tony Rispoli

    2 April 2008, 18:54:33

    Somwhat surprising it got scrapped really.

    Was this one of the first Mk 3s to be scrapped?

  • Rob Morel

    9 September 2009, 17:09:41

    wasn't cut until 1993 so a few service mark 3s were cut prior to this (Bushey derailment).

    Does anyone know why it was cut?


    It was one of 10 mark 3s built in 1972 for the HST prototype class 252 set.

    Amazingly all other nine coaches survive today in different roles -


    11000- TF-41000-now 975814 /test car 10/ nmt

    10000-TRSB- 40000-now975984 /lab coach 15/nmt

    11001-TF now Royal Train 2903

    12001-TS now Royal Train 2904

    12000-TS-42000 now nat ex east coast 42355

    12002-TS-42001 now first gw 42353

    12003-TS-42002 now first gw 42356

    41001-TF- now nat ex east coast 41170

    41002-TF-41174 now nat ex east coast 42357


  • Rob Morel

    9 September 2009, 17:42:03

    16th Feb 1980 the 20:25 Euston-Man Picc derailed after passing over a broken rail/defective weld.

    87007 load 9






    1518 pork pie carrier



    81610 BG

    typical mixed London Midland rake for the time

    coaches in position 3,4 and 5 badly damaged, position 1 and 2 stayed coupled

    together although derailed.

    Didint some of these end up at Wolverton works with departmental numbers for various tests?

  • Rob Morel

    9 September 2009, 17:44:54

    see fact box for 975983 to complete the story!

  • Andy Elms

    15 September 2009, 16:17:56

    Interesting coincidence is that besides the damaged carriages being used for stress tests at Wolverton, 5854, the front Mk2 undamaged in the derailment, is now also in Departmental service as replacement "Lab 5", 977974

  • John Turner

    22 November 2017, 12:11:47

    Originally E10100

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