Photo of 977112 at Ripple Lane yard

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  • Ripple Lane yard
  • 23 May 2003
  • © Brian Loughlin


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  • James Fibbens

    6 September 2007, 14:01:23

    Anybody know who owns these vehicles? Presumably EWS?

    Are they still at Ripple Lane?

  • Ben

    8 September 2007, 06:49:12

    Indeed they are EWS-owned. They are now on isolated track and with little or no road access near to running lines so getting them out or even scrapping them is probably proving an issue! I'm sure not impossible though!

  • Jon Horswell

    8 September 2007, 17:57:06

    They are getting in an increasingly distressed state. I cant even see numbers on them now. I am sure the local yobs would happily do EWS a favour and set fire to them. Several wagons at this site have already met this fate!!

  • James Fibbens

    12 September 2007, 21:09:35

    What's the best vantage point to see these vans (not from a passing train)?

  • Peter Cummings

    12 September 2007, 21:37:58

    Long time since I went there, but from the garages areas of the estate to the south of the line, is about your only option.

    Growth to the trees over the years may now prevent any decent view.

    The interiors of these vehicles are in appaling condition apparently - presumably the responsibility of the youths of said estate, who used them as 'meeting rooms' some years ago.


  • Ben Williams

    8 March 2008, 13:45:50

    Some inspections have apparently been carried out here recently and EWS are looking at the options for disposals (removal is apparently the preferred option over cutting on site) so we may see some action here soon...

  • Ben Williams

    27 July 2014, 20:29:14

    Rumour has it these three plus the other stranded wagons may finally be going for the chop soon. Anyone wanting any spares might like to get in touch with DBS!

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