Photo of 977241 at Westbury

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  • Westbury
  • 22 March 1993
  • © Darren Broom


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  • Jon Horswell

    2 December 2014, 15:33:22

    Didn't realise TOADS were still running around in the 90s. I remember an Intercity liveried one being dumped at Bristol for a while which I think is now preserved but I never saw one mainline so to speak.

  • Peter Anthony Cummings

    3 December 2014, 00:16:36

    I've plenty of Toad pics in 88/89/90/91 and around, but my latest noted in mainline use was in 1994.

    May in fact be this very one. DW35410 which was running with ballast Cleaner 76218. (At Exeter Riverside Yard Open Day, 30/4/94).

  • Paul Walter Bartlett

    3 December 2014, 22:28:29

    I photographed DW68895 in York on 1 Jan 1995 written to work with 78/231.

    Paul Bartlett

  • Steven Jordan

    3 December 2014, 22:46:53

    There were quite a few Toad Brake vans still in use in the 1990's, all of course in departmental use. DW17273 is still on record as being in store in pool 9000 (EWS HQ withdrawn vehicles pool) at Bristol Ashton Gate as late as 2007. I can't say with any certainty that this vehicle still existed at this point as TOPS records especially for withdrawn vehicles are not always accurate. DW35274 was still on TOPS at this point also, but according to VCT website was Broken up with severe fire damage at Warcop in 2005. The vehicle at Bristol Barton Hill C&W in Inter City livery mentioned earlier was ADW35208 which was freshly painted when I visited on 2/5/93, however on TOPS records this vehicle was withdrawn in March 1993 and although not numbered as such was probably in internal use. Hope this helps

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