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977296 - M&EE Test Unit

Photo of 977296 at Eastleigh works

Vehicles in this photo

The following vehicle(s) appear in this photo.

  • 977296 - M&EE Test Unit 932054 (second issue of set number with ADB977506) (Formerly part of 932050 with 977297)

Photo details

  • Eastleigh works
  • 14 March 2000
  • © Brian Loughlin


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  • Dave McWilliams

    7 October 2004, 12:57:21

    I saw this vehicle several years ago at the back of Eastleigh works. It seems it was used to test their two-pack painting technique.

    Formally a Class 414 2-HAP

  • martin richardson

    22 May 2005, 10:13:58

    Sorry this vehicle is not A 2 HAP but a class 416 2EPB , 65319 from ex tyneside unit and 5789 and became part of unit 932050

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