Photo of 977335 at London Euston

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  • 977335 - Serco Track Recording Train Driving & Generator coach

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  • London Euston
  • 1 February 1995
  • © Steve Dyks


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  • Steve Wright

    22 September 2004, 00:30:16

    Still in place at Meldon quarry at the moment, although rumored to be leaving soon to be returned to active service

  • Jack Russell

    1 December 2004, 10:26:53

    Could anyone tell me what the Departmental coach is to the rear ?. Thanx.

  • Ben Williams

    1 December 2004, 22:57:45

    It is 999550

  • Greg Sherlock

    7 August 2006, 19:16:14

    I want to model this vehicle on my layout as it was in 1989, but I can't find any pictures of what livery it carried. Was it the blue/grey with red stripe as 999550 behind or did it carry something else?

  • Steven M Smith

    18 July 2009, 19:04:30

    I'm currently painting a model of this vehicle, made from the Hurst Models kit. However, I can't find any colour pictures of the back end of it in its Technical Services guise, so I'm not too sure what colour to use. Does anybody know the answer to this one please?

  • Simon Bendall

    19 July 2009, 11:44:13

    Inner end was black according to a pic I've got here.

  • Steven M Smith

    31 July 2009, 22:31:44

    Thanks Simon. This confirms the paint guide instructions in the kit, but I was a little uncertain as the only rear view photo provided (in black & white) appears to be of a lighter shade or different colour compared to the corridor connector.

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