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977527 - Laboratory 2

Photo of 977527 at Derby RTC

Vehicles in this photo

The following vehicle(s) appear in this photo.

Photo details

  • Derby RTC
  • 14 September 1989
  • © Colin J. Marsden


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  • Tom Walker

    10 February 2004, 20:03:33

    Is this a converted APT carrage?

  • keith falconer

    23 November 2004, 02:03:45

    this must be APT-P coach 48204, a trailer second modified to take two BT32 non-articulated bogies. originally it had two BT11(?) articulated bogies which it shared with neighbouring coaches. modified as a test car for a proposed APT-U project (essentially same vehicles in different formation) - see http:/ for full details

  • David Halfpenny

    16 September 2007, 01:37:55


    Did you mean "modified to take two BT12 non-articulated bogies".


    co-designer, BT12 bogie

  • keith falconer

    26 December 2007, 00:13:45

    apologies david!

    i'm sure i remember reading it somewhere as BT32 - i knew the BT12 non-articulated bogie already existed, i assumed this was a modified versh to fit under this coach

    sorry! ;-)

  • ian saunders

    26 December 2007, 11:30:58

    did the BT11 bogies pre date the ones on the French TGVs and if so did they use our technology to design their bogies

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