Photo of 977588 at West Ruislip

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  • West Ruislip
  • 16 May 1993
  • © Peter Cummings


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  • Vince

    16 February 2004, 20:34:59

    Does anyone know if this still exists? There doesn't appear to be any sightings of it on this site...

  • Andy Oxley

    4 March 2004, 19:36:36

    This still exists 27th Aug 2003 as recorded by way of the Railway Heritage Register Carriage Survey Project http://www.concentric.net/~Neotek/vct/

  • Mike Porter

    7 January 2006, 18:47:01

    Currently stored at LUL West Ruislip Depot. Now painted met red.

    Carriage survey project website and link for this coach now http://www.vintagecarriagestrust.org/se/CarriageInfo.asp?Ref=4485

  • Phil Scott

    4 February 2006, 22:22:31

    This vehicle was made available for sale by Metronet during 2005, so it may well have moved on by now...

  • Jon Horswell

    31 March 2007, 22:39:18

    Any further news on its whereabouts?

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