Departmentals, Test Trains & Internal Users - 977609 - Network Rail Tractor Unit 930101 (930014)

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977609 - Network Rail Tractor Unit 930101 (930014)

Photo of 977609 at Ashford Chart Leacon

Vehicles in this photo

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  • 977609 - Network Rail Tractor Unit 930101 (with ADB977207 - formerly 930014)

Photo details

  • Ashford Chart Leacon
  • May 2008
  • © Anon


Your comments

  • Ben Williams

    18 June 2008, 00:02:02

    Really interesting to see a close up of this vehicle finally! It looks like a very sketchy livery - almost as if someone was just very bored with a tin of red paint one day! I'd love to know the story behind this...

  • peter Cummings

    18 June 2008, 21:45:51

    Looks like the follow-on of something I saw there years ago, but could never get a pic of.

    At the time, seemed like the whole side of a coach had been done out a la Spiderman.

  • peter Cummings

    18 June 2008, 21:48:36

    And, thinking further on this, as I'd only viewed it from the road side, do wonder what the other side is like now.

  • steve

    4 October 2009, 12:05:14

    was painted like this to test the new paint shop. all four vehicles have now been moved to the far side(nearest to the industrial units)

  • Simon

    7 October 2010, 15:48:21

    The reason for the odd livery was simply because we had a new spray booth going in and needed some thing for the new spray painters to practice spraying whilst being trained, hence the funny patterns!

  • kev

    8 October 2010, 17:58:27

    i quite like it - it looks better than some of the disasters of the years since dulux took over the paint store and sponsorship !!

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