Photo of 977708 at Barrow Hill

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  • 977708 - Holec Motor Test Unit 316997

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  • Barrow Hill
  • 12 July 2003
  • © Ben Williams


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  • Tom Walker

    5 June 2004, 17:28:06

    977708 is currently in the 'care' of the AC LOCO group but the group are putting it up for disposal. No other groups are interested (not even the ACEMU group) and so I URGE anyone reading this who has enough cash (I'm told it may be quite cheap for a EMU car, maybe below 1000) to save this unit from scrap. THIS IS THE LAST BUT ONE MEMBER OF ITS CLASS, and the other one has no future.

  • Martin Barnsdall

    1 January 2005, 13:24:00

    When 89001 arrives at BH, 977708 will be removed (in line with BH policy of one in, one out). 89001 was present on Weds. 22nd December, 977708's presence could not be confirmed (lack of time). It has not been confirmed whether this unit will go for further preservation or scrap.

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