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  • Green Brooks Commercial, Clutton
  • 12 January 2006
  • © Peter Wreford


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  • Ben Williams

    11 February 2006, 10:22:05

    I'm not sure whether this is a final resting place for this coach or a temporary stop-off en-route to somewhere else? Appears to be an industrial yard?

  • Carl Hellings

    19 May 2006, 11:47:27

    This coach has suffered the dreaded preservation politics, its original team having disbanded onto things out of railways where life is better. Its group having an afiliation with a local preserved railway. But not the space or longterm requirement for a buffet car!

    Restoring it, originally started well on a private lorry park, but the transport firm relocated, making the site inaccessable. Now moved to its current location where work had resumed, time on manpower had taken its toll. At this point, unfortunately our new host, went bankrupt and the site earmarked for sale and redevelopment for housing. So the project was thwarted again. Money was not the issue in terms of rebuilding the coach. It is important to note that preservation sites play a significant part in restoring vehicles where access to essentials like power are easily available.

    Not wanting to dispose of the vehicle, this is likely and probably for scrap in the near future.

    The coach had been moved into the departnmental fleet, for Western Track Renewals. Its running gear was overhauled, its tyres having run less than 1000 miles, before withdrawl and subsequent purchase for preservation. All the doors are available, having been robbed for spares by the local HST depot.

  • Roy Hennefer

    12 August 2006, 18:48:59

    Will hopefully move sideways if and when the station at Clutton is rebuilt - plans are in hand and a small demo. line laid, although the coach will be used as a buffet - so I'm told.

  • James Steward

    7 June 2007, 20:04:44

    Is anyone still involved with this? We're after a restoreable RMB at the Mid-Norfolk.

  • Bob Burgess

    13 June 2007, 20:05:57

    James. If you have a look at the Peak rail based LMSCA web site there is an RMB advertised under CAREX stock.

  • Clive Warneford

    16 June 2007, 17:01:01

    This RMB No. 1867, was previously at Bristol East Engineers Yard as a Staff Coach.

    It was purchased by a member of the Avon Valley Railway in May 1995 and moved to J.K.Badman Transport Ltd. yard in July 1995, where it remained with little attention. It was noted during this period as having had one of the commonwealth bogies removed, the vehicle standing on concrete blocks! Doors were removed and remaining holes boarded up, together with boarding over the windows, although it is not known if the glass remains. During the latter years it had had some attempt made to tidy it up with some paint although it is doubtful that this had much effect. At some stage during the period 2003-2005 the commonwealth bogie was re-fitted, although again the condition of this is unknown. The coach was then moved (late 2005) to Green Brooks Commercial, Clutton, Somerset. where it remains to this day. Providing the purchaser has a lot of time and money, the coach is restorable.

  • Ben Williams

    14 December 2007, 23:40:32

    This coach has apparently moved from this location to somewhere nearby - anyone know any more please?

  • Ben Williams

    18 December 2007, 12:59:19

    Ive been told it actually went to North Staffs Railway at the beginning of September.

  • Clive Warneford

    19 December 2007, 12:46:41

    Ben, This vehicle has moved to Churnet Valley Railway(September 2007) where it is to undergo a full restoration with dual braking and steam heat, together with new upholstery and bodywork. Work on it will commence in the Spring for a projected completion late 2008.

    The vehicle is now under a tarpaulin, probably for the first time since it left departmental service. Photographs are not possible at this time. it will emerge as its former stock number of 1867.

  • ian saunders

    19 December 2007, 21:07:34

    looks like it'll be some restoration project looking at those missing pieces of lower bodyside not to mention the plated windows

  • Ben Williams

    19 December 2007, 21:13:35

    What would concern me more is the fact that one set of bogies were missing here! Presumably a replacement set have been found now?!

  • Ben Williams

    20 December 2007, 09:35:41

    Sorry the bogies are there - you can see them just beyond the coach and have now apparently been reunited with the body!

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