977965, 977966 & 977967

Photo of 977965, 977966 & 977967 at Nuneaton

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  • 977965 - Cab Signalling Test Unit 960102 "New Dalby"
  • 977966 - Cab Signalling Test Unit 960102 "New Dalby"
  • 977967 - Cab Signalling Test Unit 960102 "New Dalby"

Photo details

  • Nuneaton
  • 1 August 2001
  • © Ian Attenborough


Your comments

  • Tom Walker

    9 February 2004, 19:24:39

    This unit used to be a class 309 4-car EMU although it now only has 3 cars. It is one of two departmental 309s (960101/102). One of these units is probably going to be preserved when its finished with with the Railway Heritage comittee and the ACEMU group both interested.

  • Tom Walker

    9 February 2004, 19:25:35

    Also note it has lost its front corridor connection which all 309s have.

  • Albert Mutton

    18 July 2004, 22:15:03

    I am impressed by the apparent condition it seems to be in.

    From a preservation point, the gangways would appear to be the main problem, although obviously the internal arrangements cannot be seen.

  • Tom Walker

    7 September 2004, 19:39:01

    now its gone for store at pigs bay. If the ACEMU group doesn't have more help from preservation centres, then only one thing awaits.

  • Rich Mackin

    23 January 2005, 01:47:31

    This unit, and sister 960101, have been given a temporary reprieve while owners Angel Trains investigate the possibility of further departmental use

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