Departmentals, Test Trains & Internal Users - 977971 and 977982 - Test train brake force runner

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977971 and 977982 - Test train brake force runner

Photo of 977971 and 977982 at Derby RTC

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  • Derby RTC
  • 29 August 2003
  • © Vince


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  • Ben

    3 September 2003, 10:32:30

    977971 is in the foreground in IC livery, 977982 is in chocolate and cream livery behind. Just visible behind both coaches is IC liveried 977972.

  • Bill Moore

    12 September 2003, 16:49:24

    Please can someone tell me exactly what a brake force runner does?

  • Ben

    12 September 2003, 17:47:47

    Basically a brake force runner is used to make a train longer in order to provide enough brake discs to stop it. As far as we know they are not modified in any way in terms of extra weight.

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