Photo of 977984 at Derby Etches Park

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  • 977984 - Network Rail High Speed Track Recording Train coach

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  • Derby Etches Park
  • 16 May 2003
  • © Marcus Dawson


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  • peter cummings

    22 May 2003, 00:07:15

    No doubt about it. A Mk 3 coach is one superb bit of kit. Even done up as a toasted sunflower, class will out.

  • Marcus Dawson

    22 May 2003, 13:02:37

    The MkII in the set looks good too. Should be a great sight when it starts roaming the network and the sun comes out, it was a dreadful day in Derby when this was taken :o(

  • Rich Mackin

    23 May 2003, 04:51:14

    The whole set looked stunning in the sunshine at Darlington on 8/9 May - sunglasses might be needed next time the HST is out in good weather though!

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