Photo of 98999 at Bristol Barton Hill Depot

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  • Bristol Barton Hill Depot
  • 4 November 2014
  • © Dave Carson


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  • Ben Williams

    5 December 2016, 20:45:41

    So this is an interesting one that I didn't know existed! Not sure if it still does... as it is (or was) in departmental / internal role I have added it to the website.

  • Peter Hall

    6 December 2016, 15:30:41

    This was of course the second tender for Flying Scotsman at one time. I am sure reference to the mass of information about that locomotive will give a clue to its origins. Fairly sure that it was never in departmental service. The number is of course part of the BR private owner scheme. Now owned by one of the labyrinth of Jeremy Hosking companies.

  • Ben Williams

    12 December 2016, 14:58:35

    So perhaps outside scope of website after all if it is just a spare tender? I thought it may have been used within the depot only?

  • Dave Carson

    23 March 2017, 14:26:10

    I was doing a Quality Assurance audit there on that date photographed it, as it has a QRX prefix to its number, I thought it is either a departmental or special service vehicle. Interestingly the water tank does not take up the entire tender space, there stairways at each end with a crawl-way over the tank between it and the tender roof.

  • kevin william fisher

    31 July 2019, 00:21:33

    I should update this about it and not BR blue i did a lot of work on this at Southall

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