99014 or 99015

Photo of 99014 or 99015 at Newport

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  • Newport
  • July 1990
  • © Kevin Dancer


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  • Nick Felton

    27 January 2011, 23:56:54

    99009 on the Vintage Carriages Trust Carriage Survey website is a converted Maunsell BCK passenger coach S6699S.

    Could this photograph be of another vehicle as it is clearly a converted van?

  • John Son

    28 January 2011, 11:49:14

    Is it possible the vehicle on the left is 99009?

  • Tony Walmsley

    28 January 2011, 13:22:26

    Looking at the Vintage Carriage Trust photo and searching this site, I suspect the photo above is of 99014 or 99015 currently at Horsham.

  • Frank Nicholas

    29 January 2011, 14:15:26

    Vehicle on left is a BR mk1 BCK....

  • Ben Williams

    29 January 2011, 16:50:28

    Yes would agree that this is 99014 or 015 but Kevin doesn't know which sadly! Anyone got any photos of the real 99009 please?! Photo on VCT is a bit useless!

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