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DS 90 - CE Staff & Tool van

Photo of DS 90 at Three Bridges

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  • 90 - CE Staff & Tool van

Photo details

  • Three Bridges
  • 15 May 1990
  • © Andy Prime


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  • Jon Horswell

    13 August 2017, 23:32:28

    This van appears, amongst others, in the opening scene of The Eye of the Needle (1981) with Donald Sutherland. It is coded as QPV. What was the difference between a QPV and a QPW?

  • Steve Jordan

    14 August 2017, 20:09:32

    The last letter of the three digit TOPS code signifies the brake type. V is the code for a vacuum braked vehicle, whilst W signifies a vacuum braked vehicle fitted with a through pipe for air brakes which allows it to be conveyed in an air braked train.

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