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  • Eastleigh Works
  • 17 April 1981
  • © Martin Allen


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  • Andy

    4 December 2010, 23:30:27

    This is not a generator van , but was an internal user used for the testing of english electric 4SRKT engines, which , when completed were to be sent to outstations (depots, st leonards, eastleigh diesel etc).

    The 4SRKT engine, once completed in the works diesel shop would be temporarily installed in this van and then full load tested in the works test house.

    Once the load test was completed then the engine would be installed in a "Beehive" Wagon for onward transport by rail to the depot fitting the engine, usually into a SR D.E.M.U ....3H/ 3R/ 6S/6L/3D or even a class 73.

  • Andy

    4 December 2010, 23:37:38

    Incidentally, the picture is taken in the works test house, i spent quite a few hours working in this vehicle, both during and after my apprenticeship.

    As far as i am aware the vehicle was built on an old steam tender, frame and bogies.

  • Andy

    5 December 2010, 00:06:16

    It also had its own cooling radiator, and fan,which can be seen this end of the van, and from memory it also had a set of start control equipment in a cubicle similar to that fitted to a DEMU.

    Along with its own fuel tank.

    In a nutshell it was virtually a demu motor coach without the seats and the cab.

    It could not self propel, and had to be dragged around the works by a class 08, usually betwen the test house and the diesel shop bay.

  • Jon Horswell

    5 December 2010, 11:43:42

    Looks like an 08 may just be creeping into shot on the left.

    Should it be called a 'load bank' then instead?

  • Ben Williams

    5 December 2010, 19:53:44

    Thanks Andy for the interesting history. Still not really sure what to change the caption to though! What did you call it?!

    I *think* I got sent a much later photo of this when I started the website around 2003 and it was at first mistaken for 081033 (not sure why) but now I can't find the photo! Suspect it may be the one behind the real 081033 here too?


  • Andy

    6 December 2010, 10:16:35

    The vehicle to the left in the pic, would either be a class 33 or class 73, as class 08 shunters do not have a 27 way jumper.

    which can be seen just in shot.

    The pic is taken in the works test house and it was not unusual for this wagon to be in this position with a DEMU engine on load test at the same time as a class 33 just behind, as per the pic.

    The works test house could test four locomotives at any one time, but i never ever saw that many on test..

    The test house had two roads about two class 33s for length.

    It was ususal for one class 33 to be on test in the same road as per the pic above, and generally class 73 and class 08 were tested on the other road.

    The wagon i refered to earlier..."Beehive" ...i have been trying to find a pic...and i am sure i have seen one on this site......will keep looking !

    As regards to what to call it, i can not for the life of me remember, but i know a man who might....sit tight .

  • Andy Prime

    6 December 2010, 12:29:58

    083653 fits the bill for the 'beehive' wagon, picture on this site shows it with an engine mounted.

  • Andy

    6 December 2010, 13:39:53

    Yes, thats one of them, albeit with an internal user number.

    The wagon should have a thin metal hood over the engine with a curved top to it.

    This is missing in that pic of 083653.

    They used to run between depots, Stew lane, selhurst, st leonards, Eastleigh etc with an engine under the hood, for fitting at any of the depots, and return to the works empty, or with a defective engine for repair.

    The pic of 083653 is taken in the test house by the looks.

    Recal there was more than one but not sure how many in total.

  • Andy

    6 December 2010, 13:54:10

    083653 being ADB 998052, think i can recall ADB998053 as well.

    used to be painted in olive drab for colour with the hood being aluminium.

  • S Jordan

    6 December 2010, 14:45:27

    There were originally four of these engine carriers ADB998050-ADB998053. All four were built at Ashford in 1957/8 and were taken into internal use in 1994. ADB998052 was scrapped at Eastleigh Works in 2005 whilst as far as I know the other three still survive. 998050 became 083651, 51 became 083652, 52 became 083653 and 53 became 083654.

  • Martin Allen

    6 December 2010, 15:36:04

    The underframe was ex.-Lord Nelson class locomotive 30861 “Lord Anson”, withdrawn Eastleigh 10-62. T861 refers to the tender registration number.

    The best description of this vehicle is probably “engine carrier”, as it was used for moving diesel engines in and out of the test house. A load bank is used for the static testing of complete diesel locos.

    There was no trace of an IU number painted on the vehicle, but it is believed to have been allocated a number, at least on paper. Broken up on site late in 1981 or early 1982 and spares (including wheelsets) used for the restoration of S15 class loco 828.

  • Ben Williams

    6 December 2010, 21:08:13

    Regarding the Beehives -

    083651 - now at St Leonards - only one to survive

    083652 - parts used for 061094 at Swindon then broken up

    083653 - scrapped at Eastleigh 2005

    083654 - scrapped at Stewarts Lane - no sightings after 2003 or details of disposal so any more on this one welcome!

  • Ben Williams

    23 December 2010, 13:03:21

    I was reminded recently that this vehicle went to the Mid Hants after Eastleigh but not sure if it is still in this state now...?

  • S Jordan

    25 December 2010, 01:29:24

    Hey, happy christmas to everyone!!!!

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