Photo of ADB968021 at Derby

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  • Derby
  • 28 December 1979
  • © Ian Storr


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  • Philip Hetherington

    26 March 2020, 11:05:25

    Any idea of the ID of the van? It appears to be an (ex-) Fruit van to diagram 1/233. Only 300 were built (3 lots of 100 wagons each) making this pretty rare. Furthermore, I found a couple of photos of vehicles from the first lot and they had 3-part pressed steel ends whereas this has 2-part pressed steel ends, so I guess this is from either the 2nd or 3rd lot. This puts its original number in the range B875650-B875849.

    There seems to be only one survivor on its wheels, B875760 (041877) at Quainton. Plus half a dozen grounded bodies.

  • John Hall

    27 March 2020, 18:33:15

    At December 1979 the survivors of this fleet numbered 17 which were DB875083, 875120/188, 875294, 875344/388/399, 875409, 875635/649/654/662, 875731/759/760/763 and 875835. In addition B875732 had recently transferred to IU stock. I think the photo appears to show 875294 but I may be wrong. I hope this helps.

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