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DE321116 - Staff coach?

Photo of DE321116  at Skelton yard,  York

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DE321116 .

Photo details

  • Skelton yard, York
  • Exact date unknown - 1981
  • © Bryan Blundell - AEB


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  • Ben Williams

    4 February 2017, 08:18:32

    No details on former number, use or disposal so any info appreciated please.

  • Andy Prime

    4 February 2017, 12:08:09

    This looks like enthusiasts removing re-usable parts !

  • Andrew Burford

    5 February 2017, 16:30:45

    I have this as broken up at York Skelton by Thomas Hill, Derby - 11/1981

    Formally LNER BCK E10020E converted to S&T Staff Coach

  • Dave Cullingworth

    16 March 2017, 20:52:03

    That is definitely not an ex BCK since it has flat ends and no sign of having gangways. I believe it was a non gangwayed Gresley brake that was modified in departmental use with the addition of LNER windows.

    The NYMR York Area Group stripped it for spare parts.

  • Dave Cullingworth

    16 March 2017, 21:04:20

    It is listed as a 1939 built none gangwayed full brake 70564 (originally 6796)Transferred to Departmental Stock as Tunnel Inspection Coach DE321116 based at Leeds. Broken up on site at Skelton Yard, York by Cartwright, Tipton. (Info from Peter Hall via RCTS site).

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