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  • 061209

    20 September 2021 - Ross Loades

    I believe ZRF is the wrong TOPS code for this wagon, it does not have the A.F.I brake system fitted. It has the standard Empty/Loaded VB system fitted.

  • 80978

    18 September 2021 - Roger Harris

    This vehicle carries 249 and was in the carriage shed.

  • 975875,

    17 September 2021 - Darren Fairley

    Area In front of Brunel House Car Park - short section of OLE there.

  • 041792

    15 September 2021 - Ben Williams

    VCT says this was scrapped in 2012 so subsequent sightings might need double checking!

  • 975875,

    15 September 2021 - Vince

    Looks like the RTC sidings to me

    Similar spot to this:

  • 975875,

    15 September 2021 - Greg Hartle

    Doesn't seem like the location is the old RTC to me... looks like that's on a mainline somewhere hmm...

  • 889022

    13 September 2021 - Vince

    Seen on another site is news of this reaching Scotland. Exact location not given.

  • 977358

    13 September 2021 - Vince

    Seen on another site is news of this reaching Scotland. Exact location not given.

  • 93

    12 September 2021 - Peter Hall

    Did post a comment a week or so ago about this containing links, but it never appeared. Lost in cyber space or dodgy links perhaps. Thus, trying again without links.

    Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago I made a brief visit to Railway Retreats, Northiam. Note that this is adjacent to the Kent & East Sussex Railway station but not a part of the railway so probably best considered as a seperate location.

    My records record two items of former departmental coaching stock at this location, 083572 which was present and 024534 which wasn't. I hadn't expected 024534 to be present as it has been reported elsewhere that it is away being converted to additional holiday accommodation for the site.

    In addition I expected to find SR PMV 1218 at the location in use at the adjacent premises of 'The Carriage' hairdressers. I was surprised to actually find three SR PMV's on site. One in use at 'The Carriage' and two in use as holiday accommodation. One of the latter now carries the number 2196 which if correct means it is the former DS93 but I couldn't confirm that. One of the other two is presumably 1218 but as to the identity of the third I have no idea, perhaps this is another ex departmental.

  • 042207

    10 September 2021 - Ben Williams

    I didn't see this today - suspect it must be down the line...

  • 041614

    6 September 2021 - Peter Hall

    Confirmed as now being at the Middleton Railway.

  • 6312

    2 September 2021 - kevin william fisher

    6312 be longed to Flying Scotsman Railways not Southall Railway Centre.

  • 320536

    2 September 2021 - Robert Ian Mathews

    Noted on the RCTS West Riding Branch East Anglian tour in 1984. In company with ADB975476

  • 44408

    2 September 2021 - Ben Williams

    Anyone know if this still survives please? VCT says "By 06/13 advertised as for disposal or failing that for scrapping. "Asbestos plan will be required"." No sightings on here since 2016.

  • 96371

    23 August 2021 - Ben Williams

    Now also moved to Great Yarmouth.

  • 041886

    19 August 2021 - Andy Prime

    Used to store Loco Sand according to lettering on the side.

  • 320444

    17 August 2021 - Dave Cullingworth

    Moved to the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway 10.08.21

  • 977399

    16 August 2021 - Greg Hartle

    Needs to be updated... this vehicle is now fully restored and in passenger use carrying the name 'JESSICA-LEIGH' and in umber & cream pullman livery..

  • 975882

    16 August 2021 - kenneth spence

    moved to Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway 10/08/2021

  • 68001

    12 August 2021 - Ben Williams

    ...apparently now returning with the two other EMU vehicles being collected from Eastleigh. Assume barriers or brake force.

  • 68001

    12 August 2021 - Ben Williams

    This and 68002 currently en route from Southall to Eastleigh works.

  • 395328

    4 August 2021 - Nick Felton

    At 30 July 2021 the remains of this underframe are undergoing parts recovery.

  • 99015

    4 August 2021 - Nick Felton

    At 30 July 2021 the underframe of this vehicle is in the final stages of conversion to a replacement underframe for LCDR Brake 3rd 4115.

  • 083663

    4 August 2021 - Nick Felton

    This vehicle is at Havenstreet, Isle of Wight behind the C&W workshop. It still carries the incorrect number S1350.

  • 083511

    4 August 2021 - Nick Felton

    This is currently in the Isle of Wight Steam Railway's off site undercover store. Sightings are unlikely for the moment.