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    19 June 2021 - Peter Wreford

    I have to say, Ben, that my Platform 5 agrees with Ian, the former numbers were 86202 and 85506, not 07 as stated here.

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    19 June 2021 - Ben Williams

    083644 and 083664 arrived at Mid Hants Railway recently.

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    15 June 2021 - Ben Williams

    Ok thanks Dave. Now updated.

  • 024436

    15 June 2021 - Greg Hartle

    This vehicle is unnumbered and grounded adjacent to Bury South Signal Box. The identity has been gained through use of the VCT site in which there is an accompanying photograph with the vehicle information. It now carries the legend 'Grumpy's Shed'

  • 977905

    15 June 2021 - Simon Bendall

    977905 moved to Yarmouth June 2021.

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    14 June 2021 - David Denton

    Hi Ben

    Has gone to ERS Great Yarmouth

    Dave D

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    13 June 2021 - Ben Williams

    Reported heading south on the A1 last week (10 June) which may mean the Dalton site is being cleared...? Booths the possible destination?

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    10 June 2021 - Dave Cullingworth

    Moved to LNERCA restoration unit at Kirby Misperton 10.06.21 for next stage of restoration.

  • 042176

    7 June 2021 - Greg Hartle

    Ok cheers Ben

  • 042176

    7 June 2021 - Ben Williams

    VCT also suggests Wensleydale so must have moved at some point. Now updated.

  • 042176

    7 June 2021 - Greg Hartle

    Is this still at East Lancs or now at Wensleydale??

  • 041476

    4 June 2021 - Robert Bayliff

    Having been able to arrange a visit to Stratford to see B 193685 during 1978, I was pleased to see it again but saddened to see it in a train, bearing a cripple code label at Temple Mills verly early in the morning of Friday 21 March 1986, having worked the 1945 Dover Town to Temple Mills from Hoo Junction and waiting for the 1605 Tyne to Hoo Junction It carried a wagon label with the cripple code CJ, dated 6/8/85. The train it was in was for Tynsley. The cripple code explained:

    C: condemned

    J: condemned - en route

    condemned wagon on 'One Journey Only', agreed for disposal either (a) for breaking up


    (b) for internal use

    The NRM recently have divested themselves of their BR diagram 1/112 ex SNCF 16T Open Wagon to the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway Heritage Trust.

    Strange, as it was born of a wartime transport crisis, designed to modifications limited by time of delivery, and shipped to France for assembly there, the wagon tombereau à 16 tonnes à portes battantes was little more than a French-style body on a British underframe. The wagon ran in France for the short period between 1946 and 1950 when they were purchased by British Railways and thereby returned to their country of origin. In France, they were a compromise between supply and standards. In Britain, the wagons were a compromise between the open wagon and the mineral wagon.

    It illustrates post-war austerity and compromise between conditions of supply and operating requirements. It is a product of the British railway industry during war-time conditions. It has a place in French railway history as an example of the sort of rolling stock designed and supplied from abroad to minimal standards and assembled in France which helped in the immediate post-war operation of the SNCF during a period of transport crisis.

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    2 June 2021 - Greg Hartle

    Finally some confirmation! Great stuff that's cleared that up then..

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    1 June 2021 - Ben Williams

    He's confirmed just the one there. For now I have listed the others as assumed scrapped at EMR Kingsbury at some point in 2017 when some Eurostars were taken there for scrap...

  • 96380

    1 June 2021 - Greg Hartle

    Great stuff thanks for this Ben! Yes would be good to confirm it is the only one present... and I'm guessing two out of the three photos are present day ones..

  • 96380

    31 May 2021 - Ben Williams

    A couple of photos have appeared on Twitter confirming it is 96380 still at Temple Mills

    I've asked if it is just that one left...

  • 083571

    28 May 2021 - Robert Bayliff

    ex Waterloo Stores Van, formerly S205S

  • 042207

    15 May 2021 - Barrie Papworth

    042207 arrived from Swanage Railway at the S&D Railway Heritage Trust along with mineral wagon B160073.

  • 94438

    15 May 2021 - Barrie Papworth

    Vehicle has now been added to RHRP/VCT (11 Dec 2020)

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    14 May 2021 - Paul Walter Bartlett

    My photographs are now at

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    14 May 2021 - Ben Williams

    Recently repainted into Intercity livery and arrived back at Great Yarmouth today.

  • 040877

    12 May 2021 - Dave Cullingworth

    Now located at the LNERCA’s new restoration facility at Kirby Misperton.

  • 82124

    12 May 2021 - Ben Williams

    So 82124 and 82129 moved to Long Marston yesterday.

  • 889301

    10 May 2021 - Ben Williams

    Rare photo here showing this van in an ammunition train consist

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    7 May 2021 - Martin John Lear


    I went to the transport yard where this van body resided some years back. The chap I spoke to who had worked there for years said that it got taken away for scrap around 10 years ago (very rough guess).

    It had been used to house the transport washing tank and the floor had rotted beyond repair so they replaced it with a metal cladded container.

    Safe to say this can be marked as scrapped on the site

    Cheers, Martin