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  • 975920

    24 February 2021 - JT

    rest of the OHLE coaches that where at Portobello have since been scrapped at Preston by all accounts

  • 024443

    21 February 2021 - Steve Jordan

    This was the last of the Internal fleet at Ditton. We got there just a little late to see this cut in half and awaiting disposal, the rest had already gone 4-3-90. Real shame, there were a few unfitted minerals there!!

  • 977983

    18 February 2021 - Dan Adkins

    Excluding the door droplights, both sides have 7, but one side has 7 full size windows, the other has 7 full size windows and the former toilet window.

  • 977983

    18 February 2021 - Dan Adkins

    This photo appears to be Ipswich, rather than Stafford.

  • 977983

    18 February 2021 - Connor Burns

    How many windows does this have on either side? I've seen photos that show 8 on one side and 7 on the other.

  • 083503

    17 February 2021 - Darren chappers

    does anyone know what the wagon is on the lowmac?

  • 082757

    17 February 2021 - Darren chappers

    This was the pmv that was used to bring the body of the unknown soldier from Dover to london and two other heroes of ww1, this was the only reason why it survives now

  • 97302

    16 February 2021 - David Corfield

    Took me by complete surprise this afternoon while waiting for 82229 & 67008 to pass

  • 977109

    16 February 2021 - Ross Loades

    Richard, Do you have any contact details for anyone connected to the coach?

    Quorn Wagon and Wagon have a sister coach to 977109, 977107. We are currently going working on the coach and are leaving it in its converted condition, but are aware that for some items we have few spares mainly on the electrical/battery charging system.

  • 977390

    16 February 2021 - Ben Williams

    Now also moved to Great Yarmouth. Appears to have been painted blue on at least one side.

  • 82145

    15 February 2021 - Dan Adkins

    This photo has been attached to the wrong vehicle record.

  • 042099

    9 February 2021 - Ben Williams

    Thanks - now sorted.

  • 060931

    9 February 2021 - Bernard Smith

    This was an ex London & North Eastern, Diagram 325, Milk Tank.

  • 042099

    9 February 2021 - Bernard Smith

    I think the two sightings at Bolsover are incorrect. They must refer to the second issue of the IU number and thus relate to B336966.

  • 061092

    7 February 2021 - Roger Harris

    When noted on 29/6/91 at Bath Road, this was carrying 4.

  • 024328

    7 February 2021 - Simon Jones

    Sold and moved to Quorn & Woodhouse, Great Central Railway 1st Feb 2021.

  • 97205

    7 February 2021 - Ben Williams

    Not a real departmental loco of course - this is Chinnor's 31163 in disguise as 97205 which was a number never allocated in BR days. There was a 97204 which looked like this though (ex 31326 / 31970.)

  • 6353

    4 February 2021 - David Denton

    Hi Ben

    6353 was moved to Worksop last week

  • 999503

    4 February 2021 - Ben Williams

    Thanks Patrick yes it looks very smart - a very good job. If you could upload a photo here please that wpuld be great.

  • 999503

    4 February 2021 - Patrick Newborough

    Recently been over hauled by myself and other carriage and wagon staff at the Great Central Railway - Rothley C&W, the vehicle is now in a BR Maroon livery.

    We have a page for Rothley Carriage & Wagon on Facebook if you would like more frequent updates.


  • 902177

    2 February 2021 - Dan Adkins

    It's the same place - the museum site is in Westwood Industrial Estate. Photos would suggest this was on display at the site by at least August 2019.

  • 902177

    2 February 2021 - Ben Williams

    Also moved to Margate - VCT suggests it moved to Westwood industrial estate in 2019 but may now be at the new museum site.

  • 999509

    2 February 2021 - Ben Williams

    Now moved to the new rail museum in Margate.

  • 70182

    2 February 2021 - Richard Salmon

    Was overhauled along with SECR C-class No.592 in 1994, and has been running behind it since.

    This photo is by Martin Allen, and was taken shortly after its arrival at the Bluebell Railway..

  • 70227

    2 February 2021 - Richard Salmon

    The Maunsell Locomotive Society had obtained a second S15-class locomotive from Barry Scrapyard, No.30830, without a tender, and so this former Schools-class tender, converted to a snowplough, ADS70227, was obtained for this locomotive in 1996, and the concrete-filled body removed soon after. When the opportunity arose for the Maunsell Loco Society to purchase Schools Class loco ‘Stowe’ it was felt that this would give the society a much better balanced collection, and to help raise funds for the purchase, 30830 was sold, together with spares obtained and the tender chassis, and moved to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway on 28 or 29 September 2000.