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Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway

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Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway
IU 02xxxx series


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gloucester and warickshire railway** *** ****Darren burkinshaw
Gloucester Warwickshire Railway - Winchcombe** *** ****Geoff Godsell
Gloucester & Warwickshire Rwy - Winchcombe** *** ****Dennis Graham
Gloucestershire Warwickshire Rwy, Winchcombe2018-07-07 Greg Hartle
Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Rly-Winchcombe2017-07-29Caroline Mitchell

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  • 28 January 2017 - Paul Walter Bartlett

    Not a milk tank, but a GWR Stores Dept Oil tank wagon, later for lubricating oil in 1922. Lot 670 built 23/09/1911

  • 28 January 2017 - Paul Walter Bartlett

    No that was the previous tank, apologies please delete the previous comment for DW43930.

    This wagon was not a milk tank but originally used for conveying oil from Grease works to Swindon Running Shed. Lot 359 built 5 April 1902