ZDV 041532 - 12t Goods Van

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Presumed scrapped at Doncaster Hexthorpe (carried 041262 in error.) Was a grounded body.

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Doncaster Hexthorpe** *** ****Colin Bird
Doncaster TMD** *** ****Alex Betteney
Doncaster** *** ****Dennis Graham
Doncaster Marshgate1990-07-04Roger Harris
Doncaster TMD1990-05-20Roger Harris

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  • 10 April 2021 - Ben Williams

    I've moved the Doncaster sightings from the 041262 entry to this one but now see there are some at the TMD and Marshgate too! If anyone can help clarify please I can tidy up... IU book suggests this along with 041537,8,9,40 were all grounded at Hexthorpe. 041534 was grounded at Marshgate. All had incorrect 0412xx numbers...

  • 10 April 2021 - Brian Cuttell

    Seen at Doncaster TMD in Feb 1982 but i can't remember if the van was complete at this time. It did carry incorrect IU number 041262. As with 041539, it could have been moved to Hexthorpe for use as a grounded body later in the 1980s when the OHLM Depot opened on site.