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Leeds Neville Hill TMD

National network vehicles
IU 04xxxx series


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Neville Hill TMD** *** ****Alun Hughes
Neville Hill TMD** *** ****Tony Walmsley
Neville Hill TMD** *** ****Tony Walmsley
Neville Hill TMD** *** ****Geoffrey Treby
Neville Hill TMD** *** ****Tony Walmsley
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  • 041900

    23 July 2013 - Philip Hetherington

    Compare the photos of 041900 with 041901 & 041902.

    Either 041900's photos are really 041901, or 041900 is not an ex-Boplate E but another ex-Condor Conflat.


  • 041900

    23 July 2013 - Philip Hetherington

    Further to previous - not the same vehicle (different handbrake), but doesn't look like an ex-Boplate E as described on the site either. It has the securing ring in the corner the same as the ex-Condor Conflat and the series of alternative holes to bolt in onto along the side.

    Were there Condor Conflats with wheel-type handbrakes? I had thought all were from a single batch and thus identical, but I think they were Bogie Bolster D conversions so if there are variants of Bogie Bolster D handbrake, it is possible.

  • 041900

    24 July 2013 - Philip Hetherington

    And the answer, from experts, seems to be that this vehicle was converted in 1969 from a Boplate E to a Conflat E, which had the same bodywork as a Condor Conflat.

    See also comment under 041902!

  • 041900

    26 July 2013 - Ben Williams

    Phil you have well and truly confused me! Can you email me and explain what is wrong / needs changing? thanks