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Returned to Wagon Stock. Colne Valley Railway (first issue of number - 041974 also allocated to Mk1 BG 84297 - Scrapped - Hull Hessle Yard on site by Maize Metals 12/90)

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Colne Valley Railway
IU 04xxxx series


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Colne Valley Railway** *** ****G Goswell
Colne Valley Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham
East Kent Railway** *** ****Dan Adkins
Colne Valley Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham
Colne Valley Railway2010-03-06Andrew Jenkins
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  • 041974

    10 October 2004 - Ben Williams

    A bit of interesting history behind this coach - although allocated to Hull it never apparently left York up yard. It was the first of two to receive the number 041974 although it only carried its IU number between 11/87 and 2/88 when it reverted back to its capital stock number 84507 and then later sold to the CVR. The second coach to carry 041974 was 84297 which was scrapped at Hull 12/90.

  • 27 December 2020 - Dan Adkins

    There appears to have been some mix up with reports and websites regarding the location of this vehicle. Having seen the vehicle at the East Kent Railway, and comparing several photos of each vehicle, I am absolutely convinced that this vehicle is the one at the East Kent, and not 80785 as has been reported on various sites. 80785 is still at the Colne Valley, and this BG is at the East Kent. It was not at the East Kent in May 2017, but had arrived by May 2019. Other reports state the vehicle moved in September 2018. This coach also carried 81507 as a previous number.