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Ex East Lancashire Railway

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Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust - Midsomer Norton
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IU 04xxxx series


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Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust - Midsomer Norton** *** ****Vince
East Lancashire Railway** *** ****Andrew Martin
ELR, Bury Baron Street shed** *** **** Greg Hartle
East Lancashire Railway2018-03-10Peter Wreford
East Lancashire Railway2015-07-19Kev Adlam
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  • 041985

    7 August 2007 - Phil Scott

    Does anyone know the number of the Seacow ballast wagon to the right of 041985? (or the other grey Seacow at the ELR?)

  • 041985

    7 August 2007 - Brian Stanway

    Hi Phil,

    From the original photo the number of the wagon on the right is DB 982390 (whale). I also have DB 982540 as being listed as on ssite.

    Brgds Brian.

  • 041985

    10 August 2007 - Dave B

    Its DB982540, DB 982390 is located further along the line of wagons.

    I have photos taken today of them all.

  • 041985

    10 August 2007 - Brian Stanway

    They must have shunted the wagons around then because the one in the above photo is definately 982390 as i can read it it on the builders plate :-)

  • 041985

    10 August 2007 - Dave Birchall

    I will try to get the photos added onto the site, but I don't think they have moved. 982390 is in faded dutch livery by the looks of it, and they can be seen from the park/picnic area, just across the road from Ramsbottom station.

    The wagons were DB982390, DB915390??, 041985, DB982540.

    And they were in that order during the Thomas weekend at least.

  • 041985

    11 August 2007 - Brian Stanway


    The location of the photo above is south of Buckley Wells Shed near the Metrolink line if that helps.

  • 041985

    11 August 2007 - Dave Birchall

    That more than likely explains that then. They have moved.... Halfway down the line. They have been there for a couple of months now.

  • 041985

    11 August 2007 - Brian Stanway

    Thanks Dave, i was beginning do doubt my eyesight for a minute :-)

  • 041985

    12 August 2007 - EDDIE DEVALL


    The line up was seen at its present location on 15-4-07.


  • 28 August 2022 - Vince

    Now at Midsomer Norton