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Scrapped - Ipswich Upper yard on site 1/20


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Ipswich Yard** *** ****G Goswell, Hez
Ipswich Upper Yard** *** ****Agg Pup
Ipswich upper yard** *** ****robert west
Ipswich upper yard** *** ****robert west
Ipswich Upper Yard** *** ****Christopher John Harley
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  • 042154

    3 May 2003 - Vince

    Since this photo was taken, this vehicle has suffered from the local spray paint hooligans..

  • 042154

    2 March 2007 - Christopher Fuller

    Does anyone know how long this GUV has been here at Ipswich upper yard for? I have remembered it there ever since childhood (1993).

  • 042154

    3 March 2007 - Rich Mackin

    It was still there in September 2005, not been there since.

  • 042154

    4 March 2007 - Ben Williams

    Oldest sighting I have is 1992. Still there October last year - presume it still is. I think it may still be used? Anyone confirm please?

  • 042154

    12 November 2007 - John Randall

    This vehicle has changed hands uses and as EWS are moving out of Parkeston and Norwich they now intend to use it for storage very shortly!

  • 13 December 2013 - Paul Cheesemore

    Went by there yesterday and couldnt see it - or do I need to go to bloody Specsavers again!!

  • 042154

    12 February 2015 - Tony Mason

    I just managed to see the vehicle whilst on a train from Norwich.

    The best chance to view it if the yard is fairly empty i.e. no container trains in front of it

  • 30 January 2020 - Peter Hall

    I've been forwarded a report suggesting this was broken up on site on 29th January 2020. Perhaps someone local can confirm?