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Presumed scrapped on site at Blyth Cambois TMD 8/07


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Blyth Cambois TMD** *** ****Dave Shell
Blyth Cambois TMD** *** ****Brian Stanway
Blyth Cambois TMD** *** ****Dave Shell
Blyth Cambois TMD** *** ****Craig Allan
Blyth Cambois TMD** *** ****Dave Shell
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  • 042196

    26 July 2003 - Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail

    If you look closely you will see that someone (local youths I suspect) have rammed sleepers under the tank and have cut the holding bolts, so I presume they have tried to leaver the tank out of the frame for "a laugh". It seems this tanks and the 20t brake a Cambois TMD have been forgotton by EWS.

  • 042196

    26 July 2003 - Ben

    I have another shot of this tank taken from the other side which will appear soon on the site - it has "JARVIS" crudely painted on it in huge letters - surely this doesnt belong to Jarvis of OTP fame?

  • 042196

    3 August 2003 - Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail

    I think it is just grafitti - If you venture into the depot you will see more examples. (NB it is NOT recommended to visits Cambois without boots, etc. and you're best off letting the staff at Freemans LC know you're there). Have a look at for more pictures of Cambois MPD.

  • 042196

    17 March 2007 - Jon Horswell

    I think we know who owns this wagon! I thought Blyth was now a derelict site awaiting redevelopment. I wasnt aware of anything of interest still being on site.

  • 042196

    18 March 2007 - Dave Shell

    I've said this before but; the Jarvis on the side is a grafitti tag, it isn't anything to do with Jarvis/Fastline. There are still a few bits of interest at Cambois, and of course the latest plan is for a power station...

  • 042196

    31 August 2007 - Dave Shell (Northumbria Rail Ltd.)

    Now off site following the removal of the remained of track work materials by TMA at the end of August. Tried in vain to secure it for preservation, and I'm still trying to establish if it's been scrapped or moved...

  • 042196

    31 August 2007 - Andy Prime

    If you are after one of these, there is a seemingly similar one languishing on its own at the far east end of Tees Yard, you can see it from the A19 road bridge as you drive south across the river Tees. As pedestrians are not permitted on the bridge, I have so far been unable to identify it.

  • 042196

    1 September 2007 - Ben Williams

    From messages on Midland_Wagons Yahoogroup - I believe the one at Tees is 999065. Going by what was said I think it has something nasty inside it which is why it wasn't cut with the rest of the wagons a while back!

  • 042196

    1 September 2007 - Nick Tompkin

    I agree with this. From memory the cutters from HNRC found it contained a large amount of waste oil/fuel and hence it has remained intact.

  • 042196

    20 February 2009 - Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    None of the local scrap dealers have any knowledge of dealing with a tank wagon, so there is the possibility either TMA processed it on site, or that it was removed complete...

  • 042196

    22 February 2009 - Andy Burford

    Sorry for my ignorance but who are TMA? I have searched google but with no joy.

  • 042196

    22 February 2009 - Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    TMA = Track Materials Agency