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Moved to Swanage Railway 3/07

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Swanage Railway
Preserved vehicles
IU 042xxx series (NE Region)


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Swanage Railway** *** ****G Goswell
Swanage Railway - Norden** *** ****Roger Harris
Swanage Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham
Swanage Railway2018-05-13Peter Wreford
Swanage Railway2014-11-15Ben Williams
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  • 042466

    23 December 2002 - Michael Winter

    This box van appears to have "DSxx466" on the side.What are the missing numbers? Also what is the Gresley coach and the LNER CCT next to it??

  • 042466

    23 December 2002 - Ben

    I have assumed the missing numbers to be "042" although to be honest I didn't look closely on this occasion - just assumed it to be this. Can anyone confirm?

    The van on the right - again this didn't have any clear ID

    The coach on the left is DE320645 - a photo of this is now also on the site

  • 042466

    11 March 2003 - Mike Porter

    The van on the right is LMS CCT 35527 (later DM395951).

  • 042466

    16 March 2003 - Michael Winter

    So this is a I/U - but what is the "DS" stensiled on the side. Does anyone know what its former numer is ????

  • 042466

    1 April 2003 - Keith Gunner

    This van may not have been listed in his books but it was certainly observed at York by Roger Butcher, in 6/1980 and 4/1982 (and maybe later but I have not looked at all my subsequent correspondence with him). Prior to that it was reported by the late Peter Mallaband on 9/9/1979 and 5/1980. Regrettably neither recorded more than 4w van with DS prefix. However, it is not DS466 (ex PMV), nor so far as I am aware DS42466 (which if it existed would have been ex LSWR, but looked quite different). I am not a wagon expert but it smacks of an SR box van to me. Perhaps someone with the latest Southern Wagons volume might look up whether a van numbered 42466 was built by the SR and compare the design.

  • 042466

    2 January 2005 - john harvey

    I photographed this vehicle in 1988 042466 and believe the origional No. to be S49208

  • 042466

    17 October 2006 - Ben Williams

    Stock in this siding may soon be cleared out as Network Rail are trying to "tidy up" the yard! This van is probably owned by EWS like the LNER coach adjacent and so it may follow 975658 and some other old wagons to Booths by road....

  • 042466

    8 January 2007 - Andy Prime

    Anyone know if this is still at York or has it gone to Booths and been cut ?


  • 042466

    8 January 2007 - Dave Shell

    I have not seen this on any recent tender lists...

  • 042466

    9 January 2007 - Ben Williams

    Yes still there for the time being although apparently the Gresley coach adjacent has been sold so there could be some movement soon. Watch this space!

  • 042466

    8 February 2007 - Bryan Blundell

    This van has now been removed from site as has neighbouring Gresley coach 320645. Other vehicle CCT 395951 is still on site.

  • 042466

    25 March 2007 - Andy Vincent

    Arrived at Swanage on 20/3 for immediate restoration. It will be based at Corfe Castle in due course

  • 042466

    8 February 2011 - Bill Trite

    Can anyone confirm this van's former number was 49208? (It's still at Swanage in the queue awaiting restoration.)

  • 042466

    8 February 2011 - S Jordan

    I photographed it at the same location in 1990 and S49208 is the number i have for it!