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Moved to South Devon Railway ?/10

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South Devon Railway
IU 06xxxx series


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South Devon Railway, Buckfastleigh** *** **** Greg Hartle
South Devon Railway - Totnes** *** ****Roy Hennefer
South Devon Railway - Totnes** *** ****Dennis Graham
South Devon Railway - Totnes Littlehempston** *** ****Ben Williams
South Devon Railway2016-06-11Brian Cuttell
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  • 060973

    24 June 2008 - Ben Williams

    Although there is some debate about the number visible on this wagon it seems this is likely to be 060973 (ADB 909069.) Brian had noted a faded 909062 so any confirmation would be good please!

  • 060973

    16 March 2009 - Ben Williams

    Seeing this photo almost 100% confirms Brian's more recent photo IS 060973 so this wagon does still exist at Laira.

  • 060973

    1 February 2011 - Andy Matthews

    This wagon is now located on the South Devon Railway and is now owned by the Devon Diesel Society and is nearing the end of a major refurbishment that has seen the body lifted, bogies and brake gear overhauled, and all decking replaced.

    The engine mounts, added at Laira, are being retained at present as the vehicle will first be used to carry the power unit out of Class 50 D402 whilst this is under overhaul. When this work is complete the mounts will be removed and the vehicle will be used as part of the SDR's PW train.

    Painting is nearly complete and we would welcome any details about what lettering was/should be applied to the wagon and in what location.


    Andy Matthews


    Devon Diesel Society.

  • 060973

    3 February 2011 - Paul Bartlett

    To help with lettering photographs of the prototypes can be found at