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Moved to Gwili Railway 6/15

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Gwili Railway
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IU 07xxxx series


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Gwili Railway** *** ****Roger Harris
Abergwili Jnc, Gwili Railway** *** ****gb50040
Gwili Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham
Gwili Railway2017-03-04Ben Williams
Morgan Marine, Brightlingsea2008-09-22Brian Stanway
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  • 079030

    2 April 2006 - Ben

    This tank was thought to have been 079073 until we had a proper look at the number (clearer on the far side of the tank) and Keith sent a photo he had of 079030 at Swindon back in 1981 which matched this one...

  • 079030

    11 April 2006 - John Baxter

    I thought that Sail & Steam at Brightlingsea had gone into liquidation - if so, does anyone know who owns this wagon as we have been on the lookout for one for Midsomer Norton. A telephone number or that actual physical location woudl be very useful.

  • 079030

    11 April 2006 - Ben

    Morgan Marine is the company here now - I will amend the website.

    I have to say I think the tank is very much in use - a pipe into the top suggests it is perhaps storing waste or something - could be wrong. It is an odd place for it to end up!

    There are a couple of redundant tanks at Hornsey in the undergrowth but I believe access is very difficult and I'm not sure who owns them now as I think the last owner has gone bust!

    Hope this helps - if you find out what they use the tank for I would like to know!

  • 079030

    11 April 2006 - John Baxter

    Thanks Ben - yes I know about the one at Hornsey and that is a genuine LMS one having been to photograph it but it is almost inaccessible because the yard in which it is based has a 90 degree turn to get out of it. It is also hemmed in with three other vehicles including a coach that was apparently at some stage used by asylum seekers for overnight kips! I did contact Andrew Goodman whom I thought might be trying to see if they could get them out but they have been cut off from the main line by a new fence, there are overhead wires which make it dangerous to use cranes and so on. He told me that he thought that somone on the East Lancs had "earmarked it" but on asking him who that might be he hasn't come back yet with a name. The other vehicles are a mineral wagon and a van of some sort and those who are on GNER trains at the nearby depot told me that they had been stuck there for well over 15 years.

    I might contact Morgan Marine and ask to think of us if they ever want to get rid of it!

  • 079030

    11 April 2006 - Ben

    There's two milk tankers there - as far as I know they are both GWR examples though?

    041358 is ex W2506

    041499 is ex ADW44000

    the van is a fruit van 041486 (975556) ex GWR 3448

    theres also a BR post van 80865 which is presumably the one used by the illegals! Not sure what the "mineral wagon" might be.....? Could be a non-departmental but I thought there were just 4 vehicles here...

    Yes I have sightings from 1989 at least!

  • 079030

    2 July 2006 - Ben

    This is the photo which helped solve the mystery of the true identity of the tank at Brightlingsea (see other photo of 079030 on site (link below) and comments underneath.)

  • 079030

    30 April 2009 - Martin Allen

    Has anyone come up with a Traffic number for this wagon?

  • 079030

    9 May 2009 - Martin Allen

    The new issue of "Preserved Datafiles No.2 Wagons 2009" published by the Inter City Railway Society quotes this wagon on page 22 as being 079073 (did we discount that number?) and formerally as W 2972. The location is stated to be "Brightlingsea Boat Yard".

  • 079030

    10 May 2009 - Ben Williams

    It was down as 079073 in another book so its likely the error has been copied. I think the confusion has arisen because (as you can see in the photo) the number 079030 was applied directly over its former number W 2972 and they have become mixed up! As per my comment above, the number was much clearer on the other side.

  • 079030

    4 March 2017 - Ben Williams

    Found this today at Gwili Railway - didn't realise it had moved here from Brightlingsea. Moved in June 2015 according to VCT.