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Moved to Bluebell Railway ?/82 then Lavender Line where it was scrapped on site ?/??


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  • 081290

    6 December 2021 - Martin Allen

    Strictly speaking not a Goods Van. This was originally S51202, an SR ventilated Meat Van.

    Initially a unique survivor of its type and saved for preservation in 1982. Firstly moved to the Bluebell Railway, but later moved to the Lavender Line at Isfield. Sadly, it was later broken up and burnt, which caused some controversy at the time.

  • 081290

    2 January 2022 - Ben Williams

    Thanks Martin - details updated.

  • 081290

    11 January 2022 - Stephen Green

    Does anyone have a further info about this van at all please? Such as build details, when it was withdrawn/grounded, etc. Shame it didn't survive.