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Northampton & Lamport Railway. Numbered S 44551

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Northampton & Lamport Railway
IU 08xxxx series


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Northampton & Lamport Railway** *** ****G Goswell
Northampton & Lamport Railway** *** ****Gary Thornton
Northampton & Lamport Railway** *** ****G Goswell
Northampton & Lamport Railway** *** ****Grahame Stanley
Northampton & Lamport Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham
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  • 081969

    3 December 2010 - Martin Allen

    The previous running number could be either S 44551 or S 44432. Now preserved at the Northampton and Lamport Railway, Pitsford as S 44551. Was Internal User at Ashford C&W Works and lettered "Ashford Works No.1". Built Ashford 1931 under Order 640, to diagram 1429. Classified as a "Type 1 Rebuild", since it uses a secondhand LSWR underframe with a new-build body. Capacity is 10 tons (instead of the more usual 12 tons), because the journal size is 4" instead of the normal 4 1/4". Came from the former Ashford South Eastern Steam Centre.

  • 081969

    4 December 2010 - Keith Gunner

    Martin - BR (SR) records have this as ex S44432 (date 30/11/1963) for Ashford.

    Keith 4/12/2010

  • 081969

    6 December 2010 - Martin Allen

    Hi Keith, so that makes two of us who have now independently verified this wagon as originally being S 44432. Paul Bartlett has kindly arranged to update the database on the Vintage Carriage Trust website, but it now needs further clarification that the wagon (as preserved) currently carries S 44551 in error. Another mystery solved.

    I saved this wagon for preservation just as it was about to be scrapped, when the South Eastern Steam Centre site as Ashford was being cleared out in 1984. It was later sold on to the Northampton & Lamport Railway at Pitsford, Northants., where it is now located.

  • 081969

    29 December 2010 - Dan Adkins

    This box van currently carries no number, and although I took it in 2008, it's still in this condition.

    If this is definitely 44432 I shall contact the person who updates the NLR website with the correct details, if this definitely is the case?

  • 081969

    2 June 2012 - Dan Adkins

    Did anything come of this? Was it definitely proved that it is actually 44432 at the NLR? It is still unchanged from the link above, although the tarpaulin has now been removed giving a clearer look at the bodyside. Did 44432 and 44551 differ in number only, or were there any noticeable differences that I could maybe match my recent photo to?

  • 29 January 2016 - Steve Jordan

    I have some concerns about this wagon being 44432. I photographed it at DS44551 at Pitsford in 1993 with it being partially repainted in a red livery with SR on the side. However it carries what appears to be its original doors which are bauxite whilst the black and white photo at the head of this page appears to be grey. Martin can you confirm that your picky is of it in grey and add your thoughts please?