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Numbered B870073. Moved to Mid Hants Railway 11/19

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Mid Hants Railway
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IU 08xxxx series
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Bodmin & Wenford Railway** *** ****Jon Horswell
Bodmin & Wenford Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham
Bodmin & Wenford Railway** *** ****Kev Adlam
Bodmin & Wenford Railway** *** ****Roger Harris
Bodmin & Wenford Railway** *** ****Brian Stanway
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The following comments have been left on photos of this vehicle. To reply, just visit one of the photos.

  • 16 March 2015 - Steve Jordan

    Pretty sure that this vehicle was originally B870067 & not 870073 as listed here. I photographed it at Rothley on the Great Central Railway after it was purchased from Easleigh in 1989. There are also piccies of this vehicle on Paul Bartletts website. There is a wagon on the Bodmin & Wenford numbered 870073 but I cannot be certain this is the same vehicle, and if it is, it is numbered wrongly!!!

  • 19 March 2015 - Ben Williams

    Thanks Steve. John has confirmed it should be ex 870067. VCT pic looks identical to this wagon so perhaps just wrongly numbered?

  • 16 September 2015 - Paul Walter Bartlett

    May I ask is the identification of this as 870067 by Steve based on more than what I have on my website? I ask because I have looked up my notebook and I did put a ? after recording it as 870067. As you will all know identifying wagons which have had their original plates removed is difficult. I am interested because I took B870067 at Feltham Marshalling Yard on 1967-11-15, precisely (!) 15 years earlier.

    Paul Bartlett

  • 17 September 2015 - Steve Jordan

    Hi, the original source of my information would have been from when I took my photo at Rothley in 1989, which obviously predates your website. However have looked at my records again and can confirm that 083315 was originally renumbered from B870067 in period 2 of 1978. I also have a later note of this vehicle being at the Bodmin & Wenford Railway and have looked at the stock list for great Central Railway which no longer lists this van. I think it may well be that they do have this van at Bodmin and that it is numbered incorrectly. It would be interesting to know how the Bodmin & Wenford came by this van.

  • 12 September 2022 - Dan Adkins

    Has now regained 870067 number, and had a fresh coat of BR Maroon (as delivered) last year, info from the MHR blog.