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Swanage Railway (moved from ESR ?/05)

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Swanage Railway
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IU 08xxxx series


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Swanage Railway** *** ****G Goswell
Swanage Railway - Norden** *** ****Roger Harris
Swanage Railway** *** ****Dennis Graham
Swanage Railway2014-05-23Stephen Galling
Swanage Railway2013-09-08Dennis Graham
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  • 083394

    6 October 2006 - Thomas Yardley

    This van has returned to the Swanage Railway.

  • 083394

    12 December 2009 - Steve Cross

    Stores Van S 1628 S. Transferred 07/80 (PMV Dia 3103 Ashford/Lancing 1950 RSCO A3590). Info from Platform 5 Dept. Coaching Stock book 3rd Ed 1987.