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Stewarts Lane TMD

IU 08xxxx series


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Stewarts Lane TMD** *** **** Greg Hartle
Stewarts Lane TMD** *** ****SL via Tim Robbins
Stewarts Lane TMD** *** ****Ben Williams
Stewarts Lane TMD** *** ****Tim Robbins
Stewarts Lane TMD** *** ****Peter Wreford, Ben Williams & Peter Wreford
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  • 083405

    1 May 2006 - Ben

    This wagon was thought to have been scrapped having not been seen since 1990 so it was a good find! It used to work as a match wagon (with 083406) to shunt Waterloo & City tube stock at Waterloo station back in the early 1980s...

  • 083405

    1 May 2006 - Paul Bartlett

    A late BR Lowfit with clasp brake, given in SCTs internal user book as B453213. Is the reappearance associated with the temporary closure of the W & C during this spring/summer?

  • 083405

    3 May 2006 - Ben

    Yes it does seem to be a coincidence! But I think it has probably been here a while. Apparently it is used for transporting liquid soap to the washing plant.

  • 083405

    1 May 2009 - Martin Allen

    A BR "Lowfit" wagon built 1959 at Sheildon, diagram 1/002, lot number 2998, Traffic number B 453213. To Internal Use 20-12-80, used to transport stores into the Waterloo & City line tunnel via. the Armstrong hydraulic lift (long gone now).

  • 6 April 2019 - Ben Williams

    Photo has appeared on Flickr showing it still exists - and has had a repaint!

  • 12 August 2020 - Greg Hartle

    Viewed from the main entrance security gate, end on in a siding on the Pullman premises.It seems to have had yellow guard rails added on both ends.Still has the red solebar.It was next to the green Class 73 in that siding..