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Scrapped - Three Bridges OTPD on site by Raxstar 2/05


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Three Bridges OTPD** *** ****Ben Williams
Three Bridges OTPD** *** ****Danny Tyler via Midland Wagons
Three Bridges OTPD** *** ****Ben Williams
Three Bridges OTPD** *** ****Ben Williams
Three Bridges** *** ****G Goswell
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  • 083531

    27 July 2004 - Dave morris

    Alex's photo caption has it as a ZRV ok,

    Take a look at the paint on the side of the van does it not say ZDV ?

    I have it as a ZRV copied from a book.

    What was it's former number please

  • 23 February 2015 - Steven Jordan

    This wagon was ZDV when transferred to IU in 1984, design code ZD012A