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East Kent Railway? Possibly now departed but fate / destination unknown.

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East Kent Railway
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IU 08xxxx series
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Shepherdswell - East Kent Railway** *** ****James King
East Kent Railway - Shepherds Well** *** ****Paul Cheesemore
East Kent Railway** *** ****Kev Adlam
East Kent Light Railway2014-04-19Royston Morris
East Kent Railway2014-04-19Dennis Graham, Brian Stanway

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  • 083568

    14 July 2009 - David Unction

    Is this the wagon that was clearly visable from passing trains at New Cross Gate for about 10 years up until the East London line work started ?

    If it isnt does anyone know if the New Cross wagon was saved?



  • 083568

    14 July 2009 - Andy Prime

    No it isn't, the New Cross Gate wagon was a Flatrol EAC, one of the ferry registered jobs. There was a discussion thread about it somewhere.

    Ahh yes, here it is:

  • 083568

    14 August 2009 - Sir Stoat

    David Unction: I believe the said wagon is now resident at the RVR at Robertsbridge, next to the torched Maunsell Inspection Coach.

  • 18 October 2021 - Roger Harris

    This wagon was nowhere to be found on the EKR on 8/10/21, and is believed to have left the railway some time ago.