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94477 / B902612
Moved to Finmere, Newton Purcell, Buckinghamshire 9/09. Not present by 2016 - reportedly scrapped in 2012 as underframe not fit further use.


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Finmere** *** ****Dennis Graham
Finmere** *** ****Roger Harris, Paul Moseley & Roger Harris
Finmere** *** ****Bob
Finmere Station, Newton Purcell** *** ****Royston Morris
Finmere** *** ****Andrew Jenkins
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  • 083631

    21 May 2005 - Ben Williams

    Les tells me:

    "083631 is still an Internal user at Selhurst, but has not turned a wheel for many years.

    On the Norwood end it has its original buffers and coupling hook, whilst at the Selhurst end it has retractable OLEO buffers and a drop head Buckeye coupling. The Buckeye and coupling hook can be removed and a bar coupler fitted to allow it to be coupled up to the intermediate couplings of Classes 319, 455 & 456 ect to allow vehicles to be shunted around the yard."

    It was converted from a Mark 1 CCT van 94477 and renumbered B 902612 for use with London Underground.

  • 25 January 2017 - Peter Hall

    I notice that no sightings have been added since Dennis visited in 2013, this is despite a couple of visits in 2016 by those who report very conscientiously. The VCT suggest that this vehicle has been scrapped, This is possible, whilst alternatively, it would have made a very useful donor under-frame for one of the many carriage bodies in preservation seeking an under-frame. Did anyone who visited in 2016 make enquiries regarding this vehicle and if so what were they told?

  • 10 March 2017 - Ben Williams

    Not present when we visited and no one on site to ask...

  • 083631

    6 March 2020 - Ben Williams

    I note VCT has a note this was scrapped c.2012 but we have some 2013 sightings here (which I assume are correct) so must have been scrapped 2013?