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WCRC Carnforth
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Carnforth WCRC** *** ****Gerry Desmond, Dennis Graham
Carnforth WCRC** *** ****Andrew Martin
Carnforth WCRC** *** ****Lee Stephen Botham
Carnforth WCRC** *** ****gb50040
Carnforth WCRC** *** ****Tony Whitehead
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  • DW 150192

    10 November 2008 - Ben Williams

    Great vintage shot that really captures the 1970s feel! More shots like these on Dave's Old Dalby website - see the Links page for the address.

  • DW 150192

    20 November 2008 - Dave Coxon

    This was around April 1973 from memory and the train consist was 2 x class 86 plus ten Mk2 coaches. E3130 was dead and we were testing the rheo/friction brake blending as the class 86 locos were suffering from tyre shelling - the tyres were being overheated by the brakes and shedding small pieces. We ran to Willesden Freightliner terminal and back. I think we unhooked the locos and test car and turned them on the triangle - we did the same at Speke Junction before heading back to Crewe. DW150192 was the ex-WR Dynamometer Car originally painted in chocolate and cream

  • DW 150192

    7 April 2009 - Dave Coxon

    Built at Swindon in 1947 as a third class corridor carriage to a design by F W Hawksworth, on lot number 1691, this vehicle originally carried the number 796. It was withdrawn from service and extensively converted in 1961 to become the BR Western Region Dynamometer Car, renumbered as DW150192. It was purchased privately for preservation in 1983 and moved to the Foxfield Railway the same year, but subsequently sold to the group restoring BR 4-6-2 71000 "Duke of Gloucester", as a support coach and is currently resident at Steamtown, Carnforth.

    Anybody confirm its whereabouts and condition?

  • DW 150192

    19 January 2010 - Harold Nicolson

    We looked after NBR No. 673 Loco and two Caledonian Rly coaches at the marshalling yard, Bold Collery, St Helens for 150 Rocket. We wore mini vests, but uncomfortable fastened with rubber buttons !

  • DW 150192

    19 January 2010 - kev smith

    e3130 now owned by frieghtliner 86637 still working hard !!

  • DW 150192

    20 January 2010 - Frank Nicholas

    I saw DW150192 at Carnforth in the south end sidings when a railtour took water there last year.

    Still looked complete, although a little tatty...

  • DW 150192

    21 March 2010 - Mike Griffiths

    Interested to know whether any equipment remained inside now . . . as my father may have worked on machining some equipment for the car back in Swindon when it was convereted.

  • 27 October 2013 - Ben Williams

    no sightings since 2008! anyone update please?

  • 15 January 2017 - Frank Wyldbore

    DW 150192 is in one of the sheds and looks to have weathered the years remarkably well.Retains the chocolate & cream colour scheme.

  • 26 January 2017 - steve rimell

    Where ?, Frank

  • 14 July 2020 - Tony Whitehead

    This is inside one of the sheds out of the elements but not currently undergoing any type of restoration. It has sat in the same shed for a number of years now. I have seen it on numerous visits from 2014 to 2019.

  • 14 July 2020 - Tony Whitehead

    I should have added at WCRC Carnforth