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East Lancashire Railway
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East Lancashire Railway
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East Lancashire Railway** *** ****Andrew Martin
East Lancashire Railway** *** ****Andrew Martin
East Lancashire Railway - Bury Bolton Street** *** ****Oli Kirrage
ELR, Bury C&W** *** **** Greg Hartle
East Lancashire Railway2018-03-10Peter Wreford
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  • DW 150266

    22 June 2004 - Kevin G Dancer

    I am trying to find a source for a ready to run, conversion or kit for any inspection saloon (like above) in 4mm? Any ideas...... getting despirate!

  • DW 150266

    23 December 2005 - steve Jones

    Been looking at 4mm conversion my self, it may be posible to do it from a Hornby GW Resturant

  • DW 150266

    3 December 2010 - Bernard Taylor

    It was rebuilt from the same type of restaurant car (H33) as the Hornby model, but as they had all been refurbished in the 1940s (or thereabbouts) the windows were changed. Fortunately Comet Models do the sides for this with the later pattern windows which would take less work to alter to the Inspection saloon version (their ref: W29b). Between its post-war refurbishment and becoming an inspection saloon it had been converted to a buffet car so there are several different views of it in the Jim Russell GW coaches books (Part 2 and Appendix 2).

  • KDW 150266

    28 June 2012 - Mike Cole

    does anybody have any idea as to the internal layout of this vehicle please.


    Mike Cole

  • DW 150266

    31 July 2014 - Mike Cole

    I'm currently building this in 7mm O Gauge, from a JLTRT H33 kit which is based on the later window style. I'll post photos when it's finished.

  • 26 January 2019 - Andrew Martin

    Seems to see use for private parties, today being tagged onto the end of the steam train diagram.