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Body moved from Redbridge CCE depot to St Blazey. Now confirmed at Blake Hall station, Essex. (Previously thought to have been scrapped at St. Blazey.)

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Blake Hall Station** *** ****Peter Hall
Blake Hall Station** *** ****Peter Hall
Blake Hall Station** *** ****Peter Hall
St Blazey (old depot)** *** ****Brian Cuttell
Redbridge** *** ****Roger Butcher
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  • DW 150344

    24 May 2009 - Martin Allen

    Was GWR "Fruit C" number W 2856, diagram Y9. Allocated to Woking PAD (Pre-Assembly Depot) as a CCE tool van.

  • DW 150344

    30 May 2009 - Martin Allen

    Does anyone know the GWR build date and lot number?

  • DW 150344

    31 May 2009 - Richard Bywater

    2856 - GWR Diagram Y9 Fruit C built at Swindon in 1938 to Lot Number 1634.

    Converted/renumbered on WR Lot No. 1132 to Tool Van in 1962

  • 29 September 2021 - Peter Hall

    Ever since arrived at Blake Hall station I have had a suspicion that it was actually DW150344. This has now been confirmed by the owner of the station who says, "Recently, we carried out some refurbishment and exposed a number, which we have left exposed. Whilst being rather faded, it appears to read DW150344. Both the 'D' and the '1' are very unclear".

  • 8 October 2021 - Ben Williams

    Thanks Peter - now updated.