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Nottingham Heritage Centre, Ruddington
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Nottingham Heritage Centre, Ruddington
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GCRN, Ruddington ** *** ****Peter Wreford
GCRN, Ruddington** *** **** Greg Hartle
GCRN, Ruddington** *** ****michael doleman
Nottingham Heritage Centre, Ruddington** *** ****Kev Adlam
Great Central Railway - Ruddington** *** ****Royston Morris
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  • DW 150353

    11 March 2003 - mark franklin

    Note the anchorage points on the solebar.

  • DW 150353

    4 January 2008 - Simon Letch

    Hmm, I don't recognise this view, is this the part of the works that was demolished to make way for Tesco? Having grown up within walking distance of the works, I've been trying to find photos of what was lost as I was too young to remember.

  • DW 150353

    4 January 2008 - kev

    it appears to the part of tescos that is now the access road for the unloading bay

  • DW 150353

    14 July 2008 - Steve Foxon

    Anchorage points were needed as the vehicle did travel into europe briefly as part of an exhibition train (pre channel tunnel). I did a film show in this coach at Ruddington (must be ten years ago or more) - I borrowed the special lens for my 16mm projector from the man who designed the coach and evrything lined up and matched the screen perfectly! It was very very damp inside - I hope it is loved at Ruddington - it's not looking very pretty in this picture. Anybody seen it recently?