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56356 / 54356
Moved to Crewe LSL 7/22
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Crewe TMD - Locomotive Services Ltd
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Crewe TMD** *** ****Kev Adlam
Barry Tourist Railway - Barry Depot** *** ****Ben Broomfield
Barry Tourist Railway** *** ****Tony Andrews
Barry Tourist Railway2014-08-02Vince
Barry Tourist Railway2013-06-07Richard G Thomas
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  • 6300

    24 July 2003 - Ben

    Not strictly a departmental - this was an observation saloon used on loco hauled trains between Inverness and Kyle of Lochalsh in the early 1990s but still worthy of inclusion on the website I think as it's an interesting vehicle that still (just about) survives!

  • 6300

    25 May 2007 - Robert Chilton

    Also as far as I know unique in being a 1st generation DMU fitted with ETH while working on BR, though the jumper socket (and probably other parts of the system) is missing by the date of this photo. (Also applied to sister conversion 6301, now scrapped)

  • 6300

    19 September 2007 - Jon Horswell

    Traces of its HEBRIDEAN name can still just be made out on the bodyside. It is now looking increasingly distressed and it is sad to see that no work has been carried out on it.

  • 6300

    9 December 2007 - Harry Douthwaite

    I think this Class 101 carriage, given proper restoration work (A repaint, new windows, new engines and perhaps a new roof), it might be a good carriage to run with the Mid Norfolk Railway's Class 100 unit. But I wonder if the MNR would be interested financially and otherwise to add another DMU unit to the fleet. I wouldn't mind purchasing her and giving her a refit, but I currently reside in Canada.

  • 6300

    9 December 2007 - SD0853

    I think that you'd have to work along the lines of "if it was any good, someone would have by now". To return it to any resemblence of DMU spec would cost a fortune. This thing had alot of conversion work carried out on it, and to return the vehicle to original condition (if the parts were available) would be a massive task. Better examples of DMU have been scrapped recently.

  • 6300

    9 December 2007 - ian saunders

    I think that it has been saved more for use as a driving trailer or as converted to an observation car, I believe that the engine and all assosiated mechanical parts would have been removed during its converstion for use on the Kyle line and it would have been reclassified as coaching stock hence the number

  • 6300

    9 December 2007 - Michael Costar

    The engine couldn't be replaced as it never had any, it was previously a driving trailer, 54346 I believe. The cab controls have been removed as have the original seats making a return to a conventional DMU very difficult and expensive.

  • 6300

    9 December 2007 - Jon Horswell

    The Glos/Warks Rly seem to dispose of any unwanted vehicles and this trend has continued with a recent clearout. This vehicle remains, so perhaps there is hope for the old girl yet. I agree with Ian. Surely only preserved to continue its role as an observation saloon as it would be to complex to convert it to a powered vehicle.

  • 6300

    13 April 2008 - matt

    Interesting that all the windows appear to have been replaced with non opening ones (that or they are all missing). Was it converted to air con?

  • 6300

    13 April 2008 - Simon Bendall

    Windows were replaced whilst stil in BR use, think it was the third year of its use as an observation saloon.

  • 27 August 2022 - Kev Adlam

    Now moved to LSL Crewe