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81448 / 975325

National network vehicles
975xxx series


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Bristol Temple Meads (railtour)** *** ****Vince
Bromsgrove (Bristol - Burton)** *** ****Roger Harris
Bromsgrove** *** ****Tony Andrews
Bromsgrove (Bristol - Bolton)2022-03-12Roger Harris
Hasland (Railtour)2022-03-12Brian Cuttell

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  • 975325

    19 January 2003 - Ben

    This vehicle survives today as a generator van but is currently numbered 6310. (renumbered in 1989.)

  • 975325

    2 January 2006 - Colin

    Does anybody know what colour this coach was in as 975325. was it Blue and Grey or did it receive DERBY RTC Red and Blue

  • 975325

    11 February 2006 - keith falconer

    standard blue & grey i think - it was converted c.1976 when HSTs were being introduced on the WR, the mk3 coaches were ready but power cars had not been delivered so this was used to enable the sets to be loco-hauled. possibly also used since for testing of new/ overhauled HST stock.

    not to be confused with the similar generator vans 6311 etc. as these provide standard ETS, whereas this vehicle only provides 415v, 3-phase for HST stock.

  • 975325

    11 February 2006 - keith falconer

    note the jumper socket under the left buffer - HST ETS type

  • 975325

    29 March 2009 - Rob Morel

    Now able to provide power for non hst stock, used in riviera trains formations charter stock, ex NDA 81448 and featured in the Cwm and Go railtor 28.03/09.

  • 975325

    1 June 2014 - Intercity 125

    Here is a picture of the generator side in blue grey.

    There is a bit about it here: