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81023 / 92925
Preservation location:
WCRC Carnforth
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Carnforth WCRC** *** ****Gerry Desmond, Dennis Graham
Carnforth WCRC** *** ****gb50040
Carnforth WCRC** *** **** Greg Hartle
East Lancashire Railway** *** ****Grahame Stanley
Southall Railway Centre** *** ****Jon Horswell
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  • 6312

    31 December 2007 - SD0853

    I think you're pushing the limit's of "Departmental/Internal User" here?

  • 6312

    31 December 2007 - 31970

    I agere with Sid!

  • 6312

    31 December 2007 - Bill McTavish

    I think Ben should be able to decide what goes on his website?!! And after all - its a generator van! Where else should this be classified?!

  • 6312

    31 December 2007 - Jon Horswell

    I agree with Bill. It isn't exactly a vehicle for public use is it? Enough please and no more comments.

  • 6312

    1 January 2008 - SD0853

    I'm not entirely sure what this vehicle is classified as. The NWR generator vans are numbered in the 63XX series, but i'd have imagined that this is possibly registered as NPCCS(the same as any other BG). I'm not being piccy, more so just looking for clarification.

  • 6312

    1 January 2008 - Dave Shell

    It's hard to draw a line - there's varous stuff on here (and OTPnet) that come into a gray area - we could debate it for some time...

  • 6312

    13 February 2010 - Jon Horswell

    This vehicle is now painted Maroon - so as to match its other West Coast stablemates.

  • 4 December 2016 - Jon Horswell

    Just aded a sighting of this, surely not the first in five years??

  • 2 September 2021 - kevin william fisher

    6312 be longed to Flying Scotsman Railways not Southall Railway Centre.