Current number: (no longer numbered in departmental/IU series)
Departmental number:
Any other previous number(s):
395707 / M5033M
Private Owner - Riviera Trains, Crewe. Moved to Midland Railway Centre 1/07. To Birmingham Railway Museum by 2019.
Preservation location:
Birmingham Railway Museum
DM series


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Tyseley** *** ****Kev Adlam
Midland Railway Centre** *** ****David Franks
Bury, East Lancs Railway** *** ****Tony Whitehead
East Lancashire Railway2018-03-10Peter Wreford
Bury Bolton Street2018-02-24Roger Beattie

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  • 6320

    25 September 2006 - Simon Porter

    Duchess of Hamilton Support Coach, with loco at SVR 21-24 Sept 2006

  • 6320

    27 September 2006 - Tim Robbins

    Not the Duchess support coach (which is a Mk 1 BSK), this I guess, is their Directors saloon. It is actually the old LM region General Managers saloon and is a bit of a hybrid, consisting of an LMS body on a short (suburban) Mk 1 underframe. Still looks mighty nice, though!

  • 6320

    27 January 2007 - Greg Sherlock

    Who owns this vehicle? Seen it being towed around the country invariably by FM Rail locomotives (31454 and 33103 have pulled it through Lincoln before) but once with WCRC's 57601. Thought it was an FM Rail carriage but the latter sighting disproves this theory.

  • 6320

    22 April 2009 - Harold Nicolson

    Apparently the Inspection Train from Carnforth to Bristol has a saloon no. that is 6320.

  • 6320

    3 September 2009 - Brell Ewart

    6320 has been owned by The Princess Royal Class Locomotive Trust since 2001. It is the only 60ft LMS inspection slaoon in existence and is hired to Network rail from tiem to time for their inspections. It is based at The West Shed Midland Railway Centre - home of the PRCLT. The vehcile is fully restored to LMS livery. More details on

  • 395707

    11 November 2009 - Ben Williams

    This was later renumbered 6320 and is now maroon.

  • 395707

    12 November 2009 - Chris Hembry

    Pictured just before it came to Cambridge TMD where we repainted it in BR maroon and carried out a C3 overhaul. Bogies where swapped with 92530 which was one of our stores vans but later became the rubbish van at Euston Downside.

  • 6320

    2 December 2014 - Ben Williams

    Anyone advise who uses this vehicle these days?

  • 2 July 2017 - Andrew Martin

    Looked like it was being used for a private party when seen today at Ramsbottom in a service train.