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Moved to Rampart C&W, Derby 8/08. Moved to Moveright International, Wishaw by 5/13 for temporary storage. To Rampart, Barrow Hill by 2019
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Barrow Hill
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DS series
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Moveright International, Wishaw** *** ****Alex Bettteney
Derby Rampart C&W Works** *** ****Brian Stanway
Derby Rampart C&W Works** *** ****Ben Williams
Derby Rampart C&W Works** *** ****Napster
Rother Valley Railway** *** ****Ben Williams
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  • 70155

    13 March 2004 - P.E.R.Smith formely Head of Route Learning Southern Region.

    Thats me in the front!!!!!!!!!!

  • 70155

    10 April 2004 - P.E.R.Smith formely Head of Route Learning Southern Region.

    A crying shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 70155

    10 April 2004 - Ben Williams

    It is indeed - you might want to shut your eyes when I upload the picture of the other side soon...

  • 70155detail

    15 April 2004 - Neil Walkling

    A scandalous way to care for a 'preserved' vehicle, judging by the detail it appears as though scrap may now be the only option for this unique coach.

  • 70155detail

    15 April 2004 - Ben Williams

    While I was there I was told that this coach was the unfortunate neighbour of a coach that suffered an arson attack and the fire spread across. As you say it is a sad loss for such a unique vehicle - the people I spoke to at the RVR didn't even seem to know who definitely owned it...

  • 70155detail

    19 April 2004 - Ben Williams

    I've been told that it is owned by the "Tenterden Rolling Stock Group"

  • 70155

    11 December 2004 - MSJames

    Sad, very sad, I tendered for this coach back in 1990 when it was up for sale at Clapham Jct, nice condition then a bit of rot at the end posts and body rail but very restorable, had funding at hand but lost out to a chap on the KESR... I and a friend really wanted this coach, it had some original fittings when I saw it, looks like its too far gone now...

  • 70155detail

    23 February 2007 - Mark Barnett

    Otherwise known as the Tenterden Rotting Stock Group. This is a typical example of their care. That's why they are no longer welcome at Tenterden

  • 70155detail

    29 May 2007 - R. Malone

    As this inspection coach has progressed further down the line in since it was first brought to Tenterden it's sadly been let go. It will probably end up like many of the other departmental coaches, being returned to nature, with any viable parts being removed.

  • 70155detail

    6 March 2008 - The Ashpan Inspector

    Real shame a nice Maunsell coach wrecked by the work of arsonists made easy by the lack of security at this frankly pointless preservation site.

  • 70155detail

    25 June 2008 - Mr Walmsley

    There is notice in the RVR website about this being illegally dumped on the RVR site!! ....and gives name and email etc of alledged owner

  • 70155detail

    26 June 2008 - Ben Williams

    thanks for the info on this - are you able to disclose who the owner is please? It may already be too late but if nothing is done soon I'm sure this rare vehicle is going to be scrapped!

    PS the email you supplied bounced back so if necessary contact me directly


  • 70155detail

    29 November 2008 - Ben Williams

    Amazingly this has made it to Derby Rampart C&W works so maybe it does have a future after all...

  • 23 January 2019 - Peter Hall

    This was apparently not present at Wishaw in December. Subsequent enquiries suggested it was now at Barrow Hill but no reports of it arriving, departing or being seen there have been traced. Can anyone confirm its current whereabouts?

  • 20 August 2019 - Peter Hall

    Confirmed today that this at Barrow Hill but inside the Rampart workshops so not on public view.